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Learning... Leading... Evolving!

Going into our fourth year the Youth Business "Shark" Tank provides budding entrepreneurs with basic business skills. We designed this program to enhance a young entrepreneur’s ability to develop his/her current or future business.

Annually we present a Youth Business Event/ Contest. For this event we select a minimum of five contestants (a contestant can be an individual or group) and take them through a series of required workshops. After completing the workshops, these contestants will pitch their businesses to a group of successful business owners or executives. This pitch takes place on stage in front of a live audience. Judges determine the three placements in the contest. First place receives $1000.00, 2nd Place receives $500.00 and Third place $250.00. The program has weekly mini competitions which result in students winning cash or technology prizes. 

Who Makes a Good Contestant for the Event?

We select students who display the following:

-   Desire to learn
-   A viable business concept
-   Communication skills
-   Aptitude for organization
-   A willingness to embrace management, financial and marketing techniques

Required Workshops

Students are required to attend 3 workshops (prior to the event)
 and must commit to complying with homework requirements.

The workshops build each presenting contestant and prepares him/her 
for presentation at the Youth Business Event.

Workshop 1 
-   Defining your business (Describing your service or product), understanding target audiences 
-   Creating your business infrastructure (finances needed to start and sustain your business, taxes, legal  
-   Marketing intro (everyone tied your business is included in your business development)
-   Managing your business – financial tracking and projecting, creating an effective document control system, 
    investors, ROI , business essentials, understanding the costs of doing “your” business
-   Homework task

Workshop 2

-   Presentation of homework task
-   Marketing and branding your products (traditional and cutting edge)
-   Communication skills
-   Homework task

Workshop 3 

-   Presentation of homework task
-   Taking information from Workshops 1 and 2 and crafting your pitch to judges.
-   On stage practice presentations 
-   Introduction of company
-   Introduction of product or service
-   Discussing the features and benefits of your product/service
-   Discuss how your company is organized
-   Discuss current method of funding
-   Discuss formula used to price your business or service
-   How do you market your product/service?
-   How do you price your product/service?
-   How do you track sales?
-   How do you obtain materials needed to produce product/service?
-   Who is your audience?
-   What are your 12 month projections?
-   If in business, what is the current value of your company?
-   Are you using e-commerce via a website and can you service a global market?
-   How will you invest the money provided should you place? 

** The Youth Business "Shark" Tank is not affiliated with the ABC Shark Tank Brand**

Click the link below and download the 2018 Entry Form